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True Health Australia and Noni Fruit Juice

The Noni fruit comes from the Morinda Citrifolia tree which is a species of the large Rubiaceae family. The tree is found throughout South-East Asia and Australasia and is particularly prevalent in the South Pacific.

The fruit of the tree has a long history stemming from the ancient Polynesians who cultivated it for the health and healing properties derived from the noni juice. For centuries the fermented fruit and noni juice has been used as a general tonic for health.

At True Health Australia we believe that the best health foods come from nature unadulterated by chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. This is why all our fruit is sourced from naturally cultivated; organically grown trees free of any artificial or introduced chemicals. This allows us to produce the purest health giving Noni juice available.

True Health Australia | Noni Fruit | Noni Juice
True Health Australia | Noni Fruit | Noni Juice

The fruit is processed within one day of harvesting before being processed in our ultra-modern factory.  Once our special juicing process is complete the rich juice is purified before being pasteurised and bottled using the highest standards of hygiene available. This ensures the full richness and health enhancing properties of Noni are released. The processes also give the pure Noni juice a long shelf life without the addition of any preservatives.

Noni Juice has been shown in numerous clinical trials and tests to contain many micronutrients which are known to assist the body with their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is well established that these qualities help protect cells against the ravages of free radicals that are produced in the human body. When taken as a tonic it assists the body's immune system and aids in general well being.