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Bulk Enquiry

To supply customers who are interested in purchasing bulk quantities of our Noni fruit juice products, we are pleased to offer both our bottled organic Noni Juice as well as bulk juice in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) at wholesale prices.

In Australia the bottled juice price is by enquiry dependent on quantity ordered and the bulk IBC juice is AUD$5.50 per litre FOB (inclusive of GST).

International enquiries are welcome and prices are subject to quantities ordered and shipping arrangements. Our international prices are extremely competitive


We are able to ship via airfreight or for larger orders surface transport anywhere in the world. This allows customers to either retail the pre-bottled juice or if preferred repackage the bulk noni juice into their own packaging for sale.

The bulk noni juice can also be reprocessed into other products such as puree, gels or cosmetic goods.